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Editor: Dolores Hark
Date posted / or last updated: Thursday September 28, 2017

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On Guy McPhereson - Is It Really Time to Get THAT Worried? About the Environment Stupid

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Written by: Dolores Hark
Date posted: Thursday October 11, 2018

Yes – going to throw ‘Stupid’ out there. If you are awake and paying attention at all, I imagine possibly your summer was like mine – ducking those chemtrails to avoid being made stupid. I’ll pass on the (rumored) lithium cocktail, thank you very much.

During this past summer I couldn’t stop thinking about the Twilight Zone episode entitled The Midnight Sun where the sun never sets and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter. I can say this was one of the scariest episodes for me that left quite an impression – as NOT being how I’d like things to go.

I see the environment around me changing quickly. This summer was the first time I remember seeing the oddest vapors hanging in the air in the middle of the city skyline – repeatedly – in the middle of hot afternoons – in the downtown area of the city and also around where I live.

I believe this is the start of the ‘Water Vapor’ – a not so great greenhouse gas.

Also the air quality smell seems to be going downhill quickly. I really don’t recall have many air quality alert days previously and it seemed to be 1 out of 3-4 days this summer (per my own count, not official days). I began to plan my days around this factor to avoid being outside. I only started notice these issues at all summer before last, in terms of the odd smells.

Also they spray the skies quite a lot. The day before, in the evening, they were spraying like crazy. And the techniques are improving. These wisps must have been forming the bouncy large gray rain clouds. I heard of this, but didn’t previously believe it. Now I do – I swear those chem lines coagulated into the gray clouds by the time I came out of the store on my way back home that evening.

You can learn more about chemtrails here:

Geoengineering Watch.Org

So the question is… how much more change and how fast?

My friends, I do not feel so hopeful. I believe we are now essentially the walking dead. This is no conspiracy or plot – this is all just the result of massive human stupidity on a neoclassical economic framework.

I initially wrote my little book to do all my screaming and ranting quietly – to those who were inclined to listen. I also wrote the book to myself – to help me stay the course.

This weekend I was at a community event and no one was talking about the environment. When I do bring it up to people, most appear to not be thinking about it at all.

Whereas – I am very worried and concerned. I think this is it. The trends don’t look good.

I’m sorry I didn’t explain my understanding of these things better or scream louder. I tried to live as an example myself of a simple lifestyle. It’s been challenging and probably I haven’t done so well.

I guess I’m feeling like this is goodbye. Maybe not next month, or possibly next year, but soon enough – and given the rate of my blog posts lately I’ll throw it in now just in case.

I started to watch the Guy McPhereson videos on Youtube this summer. Many say this is a wake up for them when they watch his videos. I was like – finally someone who gets the math – and has the strength to stand up and say what that really means in very clear terms. Because that is the problem – we are accustomed to thinking in linear terms – yet we’ve unleashed processes that are not linear in effect and therefore difficult to imagine as ‘truth’ on the ‘faith’ of modeling. Since I was in grad school in the mid-1990s I can tell you these projections have been around since at least then, although a couple of new inputs were subsequently identified, pushing up the devastation a few years, in terms of projections, since I initially encountered these theories.

This is an academic named Paul Beckwith discussing our hothouse prospects and what I’ll call a couple of the more latent system inputs that were not originally included in models from the 1980s and 1990s (water vapor and methane):

Source: Paul Beckwith YouTube Channel

Here is a chart of what we now might expect, based on models and observations during 2018. This is a projection for average global temperature increase:


What keeps me awake at night?

If it can happen in Greenland, why won’t it happen here? And by that I mean 30 degree departures from ‘normal’ average high temperatures…

You can view the full article that is presently on their home page as of now:

On the other hand, I wonder if I’m not just being overly dramatic. Especially since I lived near to an industrial district in Asia a while and there were places there that smelled bad every day and flooded all the time – and life went on.

Even then – I’ve basically already gone through a grieving process for what is no longer. I personally didn’t want to stay in overseas near that industrial district and air quality was a factor in the decision. As of now, I am again probably looking to relocate because of air quality – because I can at least get further from a major highway and the deleterious effects on the air I’m sucking in around 5 pm. However, as I’ve researched I’ve found that air quality is already impacted on a widespread basis and even at the U.S. national parks!

As I researched where one might go to avoid the impacts of temperature increases, it turns out nearly everywhere gets impacted negatively in the end. These thoughts depress me – I don’t think people understand or see what is on the horizon, for the most part. We are the neoclassical economic sheeple being led to this death for the sake of greed profit.

Yet no one around me is talking about this or cares. And everyone continues to play the same monopoly game, made ever worse by technology. But in the end, the money won’t matter. Only the time matters.

So now is the time to fix it. We may already be out of time to save the presteen places, but life can still go on. But this is less likely to be true in an extreme hothouse.

2018 – now – it’s time to change – right now

What can you do?

Please, sit down with your family or people today and figure out what active steps you can take to initiate change RIGHT NOW. Stop waiting for those who benefit from ‘profit’ to do this for you – they won’t.

It is literally UP TO YOU to create your local economy.

Some quick ideas to consider:

- If you have two earners, do you need two earners in the ‘official’ workforce? Can one person focus on sustainable efforts around the house? Like improvements in meal prep? Paneling the house for solar? Using time to garden? Other ideas?

- Can you leave your car behind? I am going to say – if everyone did this at once we could be equally as in trouble. Can we co-ordinate a 50/50 car use cut-back immediately, everywhere?

- Are you growing vegetables in your community yet? This is a great way to form a unit with your neighbors.

- Are you converting plain lawns – an environmental waste in a way – plus the lawnmowers contribute to heating – back to wildflower plots or vegetable plots? Planting trees? Growing herbs indoors and outdoors if your lighting is good? Testing alternative indoor growing methods in your basement or using solar greenhouse units?

- If sheltering in your home from a storm, do you have candles, flashlights, battery operated radios, a back stock of water? Extra medicines? Sheets of plastic, duct tape, wire, etc.?

- Assess your natural disaster risk profile and prepare if necessary.

For example, areas of Boston received some deep surprise flooding this year. If you have a basement, have a look around and make sure to pick up items off the floor now. It’s better to think ahead and be prepared – easier to clean a dry mess than a wet one. Moving forward, these surprises become the rule as more water vapor builds in the air. In fact, I wish I had myself a little rowboat here just in case…

If Bugging Out:

- Do you have important papers together in a place where you can get them easily in case of emergency, and you need to leave your home?

- You may want to create an official ‘bug out’ bag with additional supplies beyond your key papers and documents. Maybe this will contain just a couple days of food and water and basics, like a toothbrush, rain gear and footwear in case you are taking off in the middle of the night.

- Have you arranged an alternate place to meet your family and friends in case of emergency and loss of cell phone service?

So… that’s all I have for now off the top of my head…

This is a great website for getting a quick view of current global hazards:

Global alert map

This way you can get a direct sense of current issues, thus helping cut through the hype and uneven coverage of events in the standard news media.

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